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What are Functional Posted Foot Orthotics?

Functional posted orthotics control abnormal position and movement of the foot.

While standing or walking the heel and midfoot are held in a more stable position. This allows the foot to function more efficiently during weight-bearing and propulsion.

This control is often accomplished by limiting abnormal pronation of the foot. Pronation is a complex movement involving eversion (turning out) of the heel and forefoot. There is a corresponding internal rotation (turning in) of the lower leg, and flattening of the arch. Ligaments become strained, and muscles over-work attempting to pull the foot into a more stable position.
By controlling abnormal pronation, functional orthotics help to prevent some of the complications of the chronically unstable foot. Functional orthotics are usually (but not always) made from rigid plastic materials. There may be various additions, top covers, and extensions, depending on the patient’s needs. They are very comfortable, as they are custom made from plaster impressions.
The posts on  functional orthotics are wedges at the heel and midfoot, which hold those structures in a proper angular relationship to each other and the leg. Functional posted orthotics should only be prescribed by a properly trained State registered Podiatrist and only after a through biomechanical examination has been conducted.


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